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Cooking Soup? Kill time with my podcasts

Down and Out in
Glasgow and Berlin

Chris is from Cumbernauld, a town on the outskirts of Glasgow, once voted the worst throughout all of the U.K. – The worst. Not bottom 10. The worst.


He escaped by falling in love with a German and moved to Berlin. However, unbeknownst to him, Germany is a rich country where Focaccia is as common as square sausage, Ferrero Rocher are unnervingly readily available, and the anxiety of working in a Michelin starred restaurant was so strong that he received a disciplinary for calling ‘charcuterie’ a plate of cold ham.


Confused, and out his depth, he sought solace in A.A. – only to ‘find’ himself on a 10-day silent retreat in Poland. Nobody has ever uttered a word at a silent retreat. And nobody has ever, in a state of panic, uttered the words ‘I need to see the guru’ who hails from Cumbernauld.


Except Chris.


Next Show:

Fri 12th July - 8pm
Point Blank Comedy 
Pala - Berlin

Not only a stand-up comedian...

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