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Chris Davis is from Glasgow, Scotland and has grown his comedy career in Berlin since 2010.

Chris has been a Scottish Comedian of the Year Award Finalist, and has taken shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival respectively. He predominantly performs in Europe, has performed in New York and always usually finds himself back on home turf - Scotland. 


Described by national papers as "physically manic" (Sunday Times), having "sharp, social observations" (The Herald) and being "a triumph of style" (Chortle), Chris is an up and coming comedian that everyone should be aware of. 

His upcoming one hour solo show, Down and Out in Glasgow and Berlin, is currently touring Berlin and Europe in preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. 

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"Chris Davis, a down-to-earth character who embodies everything it means to be a true Scottish comedian. 5 star!" - Broadway Baby


"A Triumph of Style" - Chortle


"Davis is entertainment with a capital E." - one4review


"Chris Davis weaves Comedy Gold in the true Scottish comic tradition" - Live Berlin

"Fizzling and physically manic" - The Sunday Times

"Sharp social observations and energetic story telling" - Sunday Herald

"You loved him, we loved him, everybody loved him" - Quatsch

"Laughter Guaranteed" - LOLA

"Had the audience at our English show in stitches. A natural!" - Quatsch. Christian Schulte-Loh

 "A true host till the end" - The Local

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